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2017-01-09 10:57:07 by Squeegee4554

Hi Guys! I have been on Newgrounds for just over a year now, and I think it's time to see how far I've come and how I can get better still. If you listen to all my tracks in order, you can see how much better it gets between Quirky Pigs and Legacy. I think, I'm not sure but I think that Mople ( is making a mash-up of all my songs. That would take him a while.......

Here is the improvments. Which one is better?


(i prefer jump! to legacy)

Now, I know I ask this a lot, but how can I improve still? I would like to know a DJ to send promos to but who? What record company are right for me at the moment?

Thank you guys,



2016-11-22 12:04:20 by Squeegee4554

How do I get bigger as an artist?

SoundCloud!! iTunes??

2016-11-09 13:30:36 by Squeegee4554

Hello Guys, hope you're enjoying my music. I have to say I'm getting better.... from ....... all the way to  .   I've learned a lot from people and by the looks of it some people have learned from me!

Recently, I published my first song on SoundCloud, and I can't seem to get noticed on there. Are any of you guys on there? I've put on a couple of my (better) songs, and I've had a grand total of 2 views. i don't mind it's just annoying.

Here's my soundcloud:

Also, is it possible for me to get a deal with a record company for free? That would really help now.


Thanks guys, you're amazing!


Check this out!

2016-09-01 10:25:50 by Squeegee4554

This guy I'm friends with needs some comments on his second song - his quite good, and will really appreciate comments. 

Here's his profile:

Here's his song:

Thanks, guys!!

Fuller Sound!

2016-08-20 04:57:11 by Squeegee4554

For those users that use GarageBand, how do you make a fuller sound???


2016-04-09 08:50:55 by Squeegee4554

Hi guys! I really need a new software to record and put in stuff from my keyboard. What is the best that you use, what is it and is it cheap - I haven't got much money atm?

Thanks- Squeegee