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2016-11-22 12:04:20 by Squeegee4554

How do I get bigger as an artist?


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2016-11-22 12:40:36

1. Post in more places (more websites)
2. Update your content frequently
3. Interact with other artists (leaving helpful reviews on other submissions here is a good example of what I mean).
4. Follow artists similar to yourself, or at least artists in the same genre.
5. Connect to your fans. Owl City's success is the poster child for this rule. He connected with his fans in a way that made them feel like they knew him before he was discovered by the record label.
Hope that helps

Squeegee4554 responds:

Ok - thanks.


2016-11-22 12:41:44

penis pump.

jk, just keep making art daily/weekly/monthly!!

Squeegee4554 responds:



2016-11-29 21:02:48

Make bigger things. We're talking Yuuuge.

Squeegee4554 responds:

Typo. I'll try. That probably applies to you as well :)


2016-12-11 15:44:20

What I like about newgrounds is that you can get a good head start/boost if your music is good. Make sure to work hard on your music and actually ask yourself "Should this get more views?"